Meet Our Team

We are a small, talented crew of technology experts, passionate about business, IT and any place the two intersect. Our claims to fame are our iterative approach, quick turnaround, and elegantly simple solutions to seemingly complex business processes. We’re innovators, problem solvers, and all-around good people, and we can’t wait to learn more about your business.

Jeff Werby

Co-Founder | Digital Transformation Leader

Jeff is an accomplished IT business professional with a technical background, experience in strategy consulting and a comprehensive understanding of operations. He has been recognized for his abilities to communicate advanced concepts to a wide variety of partners, executives and customers. Jeff brings valuable experience integrating matrixed and globally distributed teams to solve highly complex problems in fiscal and time constrained environments.

Lisa DeNoia

Co-Founder | Salesforce Solution Architect

Lisa is an innovative technology leader for high-growth enterprises across various industries. She specializes in business process optimization/automation, IT systems consolidation and IT cost savings analysis, as well as Salesforce platform implementation services, solution architecture, design, development and systems integration.

Brian Erickson

Salesforce Administrator & Business Analyst

Brian is a driven business development professional with experience in sales, government contracting, and operational leadership. He is a skilled communicator with desire to help businesses excel in their markets. He brings a passion for assisting businesses in their stress points and providing total IT solutions. He specializes in business development and Salesforce platform implementation, development, and integration.

Lucia Labella

Salesforce Administrator & Business Analyst

Lucia is a sales operations and enablement professional with experience in diverse industries, including healthcare and advertising. In addition to being a Salesforce Certified Administrator, she brings years of experience as a Salesforce superuser. Her strategic thinking, relentless curiosity and collaborative style drive her to learn clients' specific businesses, processes and challenges, as she builds elegant and efficient solutions to meet their individual needs. She is passionate about clean data, actionable insights, user training, and optimizing processes to give leadership the information they need in a format that makes end users' lives easier too.

Alyssa Strackbein

Digital Strategist

As Port & Starboard's Digital Strategist, Alyssa is an out-of-the-box thinker who uses a creative yet methodical approach at reaching the goals of the client. She has a background in customer service, marketing, graphic design, membership management, and a whole array of random skills that might come in handy one day. She is an integrator and amplifier of content strategy and creation across the digital marketplace. Her expertise is everything WordPress, digital content creation, and social media management.