Fathom Coffee, a small Virginia Beach coffee roaster and shop, needed a better solution to create labels when new beans were ready to go on the shelves. They were creating paper labels for their coffee jars in Illustrator and Canva, often having to make new labels as they got new types of coffee. Because they are a small company, they had several people printing and creating these labels and they often were not consistent, had typos, and always rushed at the last minute to get someone to create a description. As they continue to grow, they needed a way to automate this process.


Creating and printing labels was an afterthought being completed by multiple members of the team, which resulted in inconsistent templates, label sizes, and file storage locations.


Port & Starboard created a custom app in Salesforce to store coffee origin and inventory information, including information for labels. We configured Nintex Drawloop to generate consistent labels with the click of a button!

We were able to use Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce to automate the label-making process so that no matter who was creating the label, it would be exactly the same each time. Within the Fathom Coffee Salesforce org, there is a coffee tab with records of each type of coffee which includes coffee name, description, tasting notes, supplier, and origin country. The base of the form is created in Adobe Acrobat, with text fields drawn for all fields needed to be populated. Then within Nintex DocGen, we created a custom DocGen package for each label size. Now when someone needs to create a label, all they have to do is go to the correct coffee record and hit “download label” and it will automatically create a PDF and populate the correct information into the label each time.

This solution has saved Fathom Coffee hours of time and effort, and eliminated human error. With the previous method of creating labels, there was someone copying an Illustrator file, editing it, sometimes incorrectly, and sometimes saving over files that already exist for another coffee label, lining text up incorrectly, and a whole slew of other errors.

Nintex Drawloop for Salesforce ensures we’re not scrambling for labels when products are ready for the shelf. Our labels are finally consistent every time!

They would get printed with those errors, and then realized too late and have to be reprinted, wasting time and money. Some people didn’t know how to use it at all, and if that person wasn’t working, it just wouldn’t get done. With this solution, literally anyone can do it, and it will always be right. This not only saved the company time and money, but it made an efficient solution that enabled Fathom Coffee to produce and label more jars of coffee in a substantially smaller time frame, growing their overall profit. This also enabled the company to expand the amount of beans and types of coffee they are roasting.