SSLs protect information sent between your visitors’ computers and your site’s server(s). Any website that collects credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, or other personal information should encrypt data with an SSL to ensure it is not readable by potential hackers. Trust is a two way street, and we don’t trust many sites that aren’t encrypted with a secure certificate.

The use of an SSL results in trust and legitimacy and is quickly becoming the standard for all websites. Sites with SSLs are given preference in Google search results, and customers are becoming more savvy about internet security every day. The trusty “https://” in our browser lets us know we’re in the right place, and not giving away all of our personal information on some imposter website. Don’t give people a reason to drop off your site by encountering pesky warnings or being wary about entering information on your site.

Port & Starboard takes security seriously, which is why we implement encryption with SSL certificates on every site we develop, mange, or host. (Unlike a lot of companies who almost always offer cheap, basic plans with no SSL.) We also always use the latest AWS hardware, Cloudfront CDN, fully patched operating systems and WordPress environments to ensure speed, efficiency, and availability.

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