What is a Fractional CIO?

Simply put, a fractional CIO is a consultant who helps you align your information technology with your business goals.

Your company might be too small to need a full-time CIO, but wading through all the elements of technology can be complicated. How do you know you’re selecting the right tools? Or when to replace them? How do you determine the ROI of certain tools or programs? Are your systems and data being hosted on secure servers with a redundant backup strategy? Will your information security policies and standards truly protect your business and your clients? Are your employees haphazardly buying and implementing technology tools you can’t control?

Here’s the good news: a lack of time, knowledge, or internal resources doesn’t have to keep you from developing and enacting technology strategies that serve you well!

We can provide guidance in specific areas, including:

We can also partner with your team on an ongoing basis as your part-time CIO, helping you develop and implement a long-term IT strategy without increasing your head count.

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