Your website is one of the most important parts of your business, so it needs to work! No one has time for broken links, overwhelming traffic, unresponsive features, and of course: poor technical support. The minute you notice something wrong with your site, you contact your web hosting provider. Next comes all the hoops you have to jump through to talk to a real human about the problem. There’s also the fact that most of these support services are being outsourced to other countries and have restrictions on what you can request to be done. Adding updates, photos, or events to your site shouldn’t require such a headache.

Port & Starboard offers web hosting services including buckets of hours for technical support. You can stick to the packaged amount of hours or always purchase more hours as needed. Our support is just that: support across the board. When you need help adding SKUs for ecommerce, putting up your new hire’s bio and headshot, or updating the event calendar we can help. No strings attached. Locally hosting your website also means we don’t outsource to other countries for support. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

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