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What’s New: Salesforce Spring ’21 Release

The Salesforce Spring ‘21 release is here! This latest release includes lots of features and updates to help you and your org. Here’s what we are excited to implement for ourselves and our clients:

In-App Learning

This new feature allows you to interact with learning materials without leaving the Salesforce page. These learning materials could be Trailhead modules, Trailmixes, and even custom created Trailmixes specific to your organization. This allows you to seamlessly train and configure the sources best suited to your users This hands on learning experience will further your knowledge and capabilities, plus you can put your skills to the test in real time. 

Multi Factor Authentication 

If you’ve logged into Salesforce recently, you’ve seen the pop up windows regarding multi factor authentication. Salesforce is rolling out this transition over the next year with an end date in 2022. Even though 2022 seems like forever away, you can go ahead and implement these new security requirements. This will become standard for any Salesforce user and help keep your data even more secure.


The updates to Flow in the Spring ‘21 release will be a game changer for admins. They have enhanced much of the functionality but specifically the transition from Lightning Flow to Salesforce Flow is an important step. This change includes a set of features that combine  Process Builder functionality into Flow, driving process automation into a single tool. This dedication to improving Flow Builder will benefit not just the admin but clients as well. With more achievability in quicker fashion for admins, clients can get their results faster and admins can avoid a few headaches.

Salesforce Anywhere

This messaging feature has officially moved out of beta and into production across Salesforce. This tool is separate from Chatter, which is used for internal communication for a project or account. Salesforce Anywhere mimics the features of Slack (which is now part of Salesforce) and is built on Quip. Because of this, Salesforce Anywhere is not a free app or feature, but it is definitely worth the monthly investment per user to centralize communications in one platform.

The overall enhancements with the Spring ‘21 release focus on improving user experience and functionality. The commitment to Flow updates and moving away from Process Builder will be widely appreciated by admins and consultants. We are eager to see what possibilities are on the horizon for the Slack acquisition when it comes to messaging and internal or external communication possibilities.

Lisa DeNoia

Lisa is an innovative technology leader for high-growth enterprises across various industries. She specializes in business process optimization/automation, IT systems consolidation and IT cost savings analysis, as well as Salesforce platform implementation services, solution architecture, design, development and systems integration.

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