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Must Have Features For An Insurance Agency Website

Websites are like snowflakes. No two are the same! This is especially true when it comes to creating a website specific for your business. A bakery doesn’t need the same features as an auto repair shop. There might be some overlap, sure. But when it comes down to what you really need, you have to get specific to your industry. But we’re here to help! This is the first of our What’s in a Website  series. Our web team is breaking down the specifics and must have features for websites in all kinds of industries. First up: an insurance agency website.


Blog section: Delivering knowledge and educational information is a must. The best way to facilitate this is with a blog section of your website. They can be short posts, longform, and anything in between. This is where your agency can make the first impression proving your credibility and providing value to the client before the first contact. Having a blog section on your website will also boost SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is crucial for website discovery from new users who are searching for services or products. Once you’ve created a blog section, you’ll want to update it regularly with relevant and timely information. This might seem like a daunting task if you’re not a natural writer, but put yourself in the position of your ideal client. This person is searching for a trustworthy, reliable, and honest business. Write about topics that you’d want to know or simplify complicated topics into words that are digestible for all knowledge levels. Dedicate weekly or bi-weekly brainstorming time for blog post ideas and then start writing. The more you write – the better you’ll get! 

Clean, modern interface:  A seamless user experience is key to happy clients and making the right first impression to potential customers. The right balance of text, color, and white space combined with clear call to action buttons will create a user-friendly experience 

Showcase your team: Insurance is personal! Your potential clients want to know who is handling their insurance and to put a face to your name. Invest in quality, professional headshots and a team photo. Share a short bio about each team member and feel free to showcase your personalities. 

Client Testimonials: Building trust with your potential clients starts with client testimonials. As you onboard new clients, send them a personal note and ask if they’d be willing to provide a testimonial for your website describing their experience. This might seem like you’re asking a lot, but remind your clients that you value their feedback and are always striving to improve the client experience. And make sure to get their permission before you publish on your website!


Client Login Portal: For an insurance agency, your days are filled with finding the best coverage and price for your customers. This is a highly personalized environment and you should utilize that to your advantage. Consider a client login portal that showcases current policies, coverage, bundle options, and has messaging capabilities. This gives clients the autonomy to monitor their policies without having to call or email all the time. It improves the overall user experience because they feel in control of their account with you. 

Contact Form: If a client has questions or wants to get the insurance process started, the best way to gather their inquiry is with a web contact form. You might think just listing an email address such as “” or a phone number would suffice, but this method creates an unwanted issue. Listing your email address opens you up to a lot of potential spam emails, and nobody has time for that. One of our favorite contact form plugins is Gravity forms! It’s versatile and easy to use.

Quoting Tool: Potential and current clients are always searching for the best prices available. Staying up to date on carrier information is time-consuming and with clients asking about monthly premiums or copayments, you want to be confident about the numbers you deliver. Utilizing a quoting tool isolates all the carrier information, plans, and pricing you need in one area. If you’re looking to implement a quoting tool that maps directly into your Salesforce Org, schedule a demo with our team and learn more about Bowline!

Remember to consider your website as an investment for your business. An optimized website will lead to better traffic, improved SEO, and make it easier for your ideal client to find you. The content and feature suggestions are all pieces of your website puzzle, they work together to improve the overall experience. When you’re ready to embark on a new website journey or revamp your current one, our team is here to help!

Alyssa Strackbein

Alyssa is an out-of-the-box thinker who uses a creative yet methodical approach at reaching the goals of the client. She has a background in customer service, marketing, graphic design, membership management, and a whole array of random skills that might come in handy one day. She is an integrator and amplifier of content strategy and creation across the digital marketplace. Her expertise is everything WordPress related, digital content creation, and social media management.

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