Salesforce and WordPress: A Perfect Combination

At Port & Starboard, we’ve been integrating WordPress and Salesforce for clients since our inception. Our web designers build all of our clients’ websites on WordPress. Our Salesforce team integrates and automates processes for managing incoming web leads and data from eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce. We believe that a company’s online presence, as well as the ability for that company to capture and convert leads and integrate consumer data and purchasing history, is vital for growth and increased profitability. 

Clearly Salesforce and WordPress agree! Salesforce just invested $300 million in Automattic, WordPress’s parent company, marking Automattic’s first outside investment in five years. More importantly, the companies announced that they are “working with each other to explore possible opportunities beyond the investment”, signaling a desire to leverage their industry-leading technologies to create greater platform connectivity for consumers.

If you are currently using both WordPress and Salesforce, but they aren’t working together, this is a missed opportunity! Let us help you create a seamless integration between the systems, giving you a more efficient and more holistic view of your leads and customers. With WordPress and Salesforce poised to offer new or enhanced points of alignment, we’ll have you on the fast track. 

Looking for web, eCommerce, or Salesforce solutions or support? Contact us today to learn more!

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